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Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2009

Event Pictures

There are over 900 pictures available from the event. They are group by day to make it a little easier to chose what to view. This is a Table of Contents takes you to a page of thumbnails where you can select and view larger images. If you wish to view a larger image, just click on the thumbnail of interest. Once there, at a larger image you can page through the images or return to the page of thumbnails.Enjoy.

Lead – Norma Chaney

The following volunteers took these pictures and video of the people working and attending the Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2009.

  • Bill Hall
  • Dave Bargar



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Getting ready – Wednesday – MBC club members getting the our fine dance floor to the hotel and setting it up.



Thursday Dance – The Unsung Heros played some great music. There was lots of fun and a large split the pot.



Friday lessons – Lessons, lessons, oh how can I possibly remember?



Friday night dancing – It was all about club shirts, dancing in the streets and the two dance floors to provide a place for our feet.



Saturday lessons – Yet more lessons, oh know I can't possibly remember!



Saturday night provided more great times dancing – Saturday dancing on two dance floors along with great bourbon slushes and buckeyes.




Showcase Dances – Saturday had some wonderful showcase dancing by our instructors, the Michigan Dance Team, and very own Mid-Ohio Caroline Shag Team.




Videos of the Event

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