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Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2006

Meet the DeeJays

The DeeJays that were at Boogie Bash 2006 include:

Doug and Sandy unfortunately could not make Boogie Bash 2005. Sue Kestnerkindly agreed to filled in and did an outstanding job!

Thank-you Sue!

Sue and Jackie Kestner Picture   Sue & Jackie Kestner
  Nashville, TN

What could be better than spending a few days with the best dancers, good friends and some great music thrown in for good measure? This is what Jackie and I get when we DJ for different dance club events.

Around 11 years ago, we found the Music City Bop Club in the heart of our hometown, Nashville, Tenn. We joined this great club and were determined to work and get to know the members and dancers. Shortly after joining I became Secretary of the club. Not long afterwards a job opened up for a DJ position. Then a couple of years later I took on the job of Newsletter Editor.

During this time, I became a pupil of Doug Brown, one of the original DJs of the bop club. He showed me how to spin two turntables, use two cd players – all connected to a two channel mixer. Believe me you had to keep your head in your music or you would end up with no song playing for the dancers. But to make a long story short, Jackie and I fell in love with everything about the dance scene. Jackie became my “roadie” and patiently looks for a lot of the music we buy and play. And of course, where would I be without him carrying the music and setting it up for me.

We have been so happy to play for a lot of the major events from the mighty Mississippi River to the East Coast and from the Great Lakes to Chattanooga TN. The friends we have made during these events have been the best part of our voyages. We hope to be DJing and attending dances for a long time.

Bob Budzynski Picture   Bob Budzynski
  Grand Blanc, MI

I’m happy to once again have the opportunity to play some great music for “Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash”, one of my favorite events.

I’ve been fortunate to DJ for the “Michigan Dance Classic” for 12 years, The “Mid-USA Jack & Jill” for 9 years along with DJing at “Floorplay” in Florida, “Steel Boogie” in Pennsylvania and various other events in Michigan and Ohio. I look forward to making you get up on the dance floor at “Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash.”

Ken Butler   Ken Butler
  Columbus, OH









JD Filkins   JD Filkins
  Columbus, OH









JD Filkins   Tom Hufnagel
  Columbus, OH









Freddie Testa   Freddie Testa
  Columbus, OH









Jim Watson   Jim Watson
  Columbus, OH