Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2018

Meet the DeeJays

The DeeJays for Boogie Bash 2018 include:

Bob Budzynski Picture   Bob Budzynski
  Grand Blanc, Michigan

I’m happy to once again have the opportunity to play some great music for “Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash”, one of my favorite events.

I’ve been fortunate to DJ for the “Michigan Dance Classic” for 13 years, The “Mid-USA Jack & Jill” for 9 years along with DJing at “Floorplay” in Florida, “Steel Boogie” in Pennsylvania and various other events in Michigan and Ohio. I look forward to making you get up on the dance floor at “Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash.”

Kevin Mahoney Picture   Kevin Mahoney
  Verona, Pennsylvania

I started as a DJ by accident, an auto accident I was rear ended at about 90 miles per hour, back in Nov of 1998. I went from being a dancer to a non-dancer pretty quickly.

I always collected music in some form, music that you can dance to. After my recovery I volunteered for the Steel City Boogie Club for about 6 Months, and that led to a paid gig at a local Holiday Inn for 10 years. When that closed I became a mobile DJ and rejoined the SCBC and have been DJing for them since 2008, also other venues.

Over time I became SCBC's house DJ, and have had the privilege of DJing at SCBC's Boogie In The Burgh since 2013. It truly is a class event. This year will be SCBC's 20th anniversary. So it should be a great time.

I wish to thank Georgia Watson for inviting me to play for Mid-Ohio Boogie Club's Boogie Bash, I'm looking forward to playing at this event.

Fiona   Fiona Cleveland
  Columbus, OH









JD Filkins   JD Filkins
  Columbus, OH









Jim Watson   Jim Watson
  Columbus, OH









Mark your calendar for Augist 9th through August 11th, 2018

This is one dance weekend you don’t want to miss!