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Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2012

Meet the Workshop Instructors

Sam and Lisa West   Sam and Lisa West
  Hamlet, North Carolina
    Carolina Shag

Sam holds 10 Divisional and 4 Overall National Shag titles with 4 different partners and is a 6-time USA Grand Nationals Carolina Shag Champion.

Lisa has a background in Country and Swing and lists “Butterfly Kisses” and the “Wizard of Oz” as her favorite performances.


Mario Robau Jr   John “Heavy” &Barbara “Snowflake” Grammer
  Houston, Texas
    West Coast Swing

John & Barbara Grammer (aka Heavy & Snowflake) hail from Houston, Texas now living in Albuquerque. This married couple of 38 years claims to be having the most fun in their quest to find the ultimate blues bar.

Having learned the “whip” when they were teenagers, they began competing at a local level in 1993, winning 1st place in State, Regional and National competitions & won the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships in the Masters Division in 1999 and 2000. They were inducted into the Dallas Dance Hall of Fame in 2010.

They have continued to compete, teach, and judge but really consider themselves social dancers with a party animal edge. These two soul mates hope you will have a great time at the event and that you will seek them out for a dance. Be Blessed! “Too Much Fun” Dance.


Bob and Beverly Budzynski   Bob & Beverly Budzynski
  Grand Blanc, MI

Bob & Beverly have hosted 28 events in their career, including the prestigious “Michigan Dance Classic.”

They are two time recipients of the “Feather Award” for dancing, the equivalent of an “Oscar” for acting. They are past 1st Place winners of the “American Swing Dance Championships” and have placed in the top five of the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships three times. Recently they were winners at the “World Swing, Salsa, and Hustle Championships” winning 1st Place in all three divisions.

Many of you may have seen them on TNN TV doing guest performances on “Club Dance” but if not, they will perform for you on Saturday evening.

They support dancing in many different ways. For example they are sponsors of the “Masters Tour” and provide $300.00 at 12 designated events and $7600.00 split among the top 4 couples in the point standings at the U. S. Open.

They are delighted to be able to teach for “Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash” and they thank the Mid-Ohio Boogie Club for the opportunity to be an important part of our most fun event.


don and jennifer ewell   Don and Jennifer Ewell
  Columbus, Ohio
    East Coast Swing

Don and Jennifer have been members of the dance community for several years. Don’s passion to dance prompted him to learn all that he could as soon as he could.

His passion led to teaching others what he knew. Jennifer joined him after their marriage. They are well known in the Columbus area for their ability to impart their expertise to their students.


Mark your calendar for August 16th through 19th, 2012

This is one dance weekend you don’t want to miss!