Dancing Every Wednesday


At the

The Crystal Ballroom Dance Center

           Located at 402 East Wilson Bridge Rd.



The place where dancers go to dance and have fun!

Dancing from 8pm to 9:30pm


Our Previous Weekend Events


Swinging Together 2018

The Club was forced to cancel the the 2018 Mid-Ohio Boogie BASH due to hotel issues. So we got together with the Ohio's North Coast Jitterbug Connection for a great dance event.

On August 11th The Mid-Ohio Boogie Club and the Ohio's North Coast Jitterbug Connection held a dance event at the Mansfield Liederkranz in Mansfield.Ohio.


Swinging Together at the Mansfield's Liederkranz

on August 11th, 2018. There are 198 pictures


Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2017

An event was not held.


Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2016


Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2015


Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2014


Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2013


Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2012


Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2011


Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2010


Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2009


Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2008


Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2007


Mid-Ohio Boogie Bash 2006


Beat the Heat 2005

Beat the Heat logo

August 11th – 14th

This was our Fifth Special Anniversary Party, co-sponsored with the Buckeye Bop Club. There are 900 plus pictures on line for your viewing. The link will take you to the Home page where you can select how you would like to view the pictures.

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